Quality and Environment policy

According to these constitutive principles and aware of the growing sensitivity on Environment protection, PCA requires all Company Functions to be attentive to these values and to cooperate to pursue them.
In order to support this activity, PCA’s commitments is to provide the necessary and most effective means s to prevent and solve any potential dangerous situation.

PCA S.p.A. considers its Integrated Quality/Environmental Handling System as one of the more useful instruments to involve employees and to improve its activities, building its confidence on the following pillars:

HONESTY : as respect of Customers’ expectations and fulfillment of engagements.

SOLIDITY : as reliability of products and respect for Environment.

COMPLIANCE : as respect of national and international laws and contract provisions in the implementation of our activities.

In order to get these targets, to prove its reliability and to assure Customer Satisfaction and respect for Environment, PCA implemented an integrated Quality/Environmental system based on the following principles:

  • Promoting a culture of Quality and respect for Environment in the Company;

  • Acknowledging the fundamental role played by Customers in giving boost to improvements in the Company;

  • Optimizing Company processes, aiming at the highest level of efficacy and efficiency, always respecting Environment;

  • Boosting its own employees to set improvement targets in the development of the Quality/Environmental integrated system;

  • Promoting the involvement in PCA activities of all people working directly or indirectly for the Company;

  • Establishing a long lasting and mutual satisfactory partnership with qualified Supplier, using their synergies in the market, always with the aim of Customer Satisfaction;

  • Respecting, in all activities, laws and regulations as well as agreements in force and contract provisions;

  • Improving its operating procedures in order to prevent any possible environmental pollution;

  • Setting and periodically assessing Quality and Environment targets;

  • Keeping public and available its Quality/Environmental integrated policy.

In order to achieve the above mentioned targets, our Management commits itself to in :

  • Establishing and keeping active an Organization whose aim is to meet the highest quality targets;

  • Providing the required Human Resources and Equipment;

  • Regularly checking the integrated Quality/Environmental system and its compliance;

  • Monitoring the implementation of corrective and preventive actions;

  • Periodically checking the system compliance with the Company policy and introducing the necessary technical adjustment to achieve this target.

Health and Safety Policy

Our Management considers safety a priority value, which must guide everybody in the execution of his/her duties. Following these principle, PCA Plant Direction is willing to develop the activities in its industrial plant carefully considering safety issues, promoting protection of employees and community health and doing its best to defend and preserve Environment.

PCA Plant Direction’s continuous commitment is based on the following actions:

  • Establishing and keeping a safe and healthy workplace, using all necessary resources and the best preventive and protective measures applicable from a technical and economic point of view;

  • Acquiring, divulging and respecting , national and international safety laws and regulations in force;

  • Ensuring full compatibility between PCA industrial activity and the surrounding territory, complying with existing regulations and encouraging dialogue with neighboring community, in order to illustrate our Company safety policy and all related activities in place;

  • Keeping the Company system for Safety and Relevant Accidents Prevention in compliance with regulations provided by Italian law (D. Lgs 334/99 dated August 9th ,2000 ) in order to reduce accidents frequency and minimize all the effects connected to them and mainly as well as to limit any consequences outside the plant;

  • Verifying and periodically checking our safety system, in order to guarantee its efficiency and its efficacy;

  • Promoting, at all levels, awareness that each manufacturing process can have an immediate or a delayed effect on health, environment and goods;

  • Keeping a transparent communication with Public Administration and Inspection Authorities, in order to better achieve targets for Relevant Accidents Prevention and to plan new facilities which take into consideration new indications and guidelines;

  • Spreading within the factory all the principles of the Relevant Accidents Prevention Policy and making it available for external people;

  • Minimizing any risk of producing flames while handling dried and humid powder.

Environment protection and Relevant Accidents Prevention is part of everyone’s responsibility and this awareness on this principles must guide all employees’ commitment.